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Awesome art inspired by my stories.

:heart: I'm Ezri Krios and this is may favourite art on the Citadel!


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Unusual Apocalypse - Competition Entries.

Open to all artists and writers. Closes, 30th Sept. Details here…

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Heeeere's Ezri!

Tue Jan 7, 2014, 7:36 PM

*Peers wildly through broken door, wielding a really sharp pen!*


A very belated merry sparkly balls and a slightly belated happy new year to you all!

I've spent the last two months pretty much ignoring everyone during my flying visits here, not by choice, I've just been caught up in an exciting writing project I can't yet speak of, but will be talking about soon.

It has taken me away from Resolution 2, as well as the ME/Res Evil movie mash up that only needs touching up and editing before I can post it. Being away from there for so long has made me crave a return, but for now my creativity is addicted to what I'm currently writing and as soon as I need a break from it (guaranteed to happen) I'll have the ME stuff to escape to. Maybe I'll finish Resolution 2 by the time the game we can't call Mass Effect 4 comes out. 2016? Yeah, it's possible. :giggle:


So how is y'all? What have you been up to? Due to time constraints I would love it if you would add a link or thumbnail to your comments below and tell me what awesome stuff I've been missing out on. Be you a watcher or just passing by, lets fill this space with your art. If enough people join in, I'll do a feature!


Also, a question to the writers out there: How do you write? If your initial answer to this is, "Duh, with words, dumb ass!" That's cool too. What I mean is, what process do you go through to create your stories? Is it the same when writing short stories, long fiction, or fan fics? Are you particularly organised?

You see, I couldn't really answer this question myself a few months back. Writing fan fic, shorts or novels, was the same process as writing original shorts; I'd start with a single character, a mood or emotion, in a simple scene, and the thing generally tended to mostly create itself. I guess fan fic already has a solid base you can draw upon, no need to bother with too much of that pesky descriptive stuff when fans already know what stuff looks like, and short stories don't stay very short if you describe everything like you're Stephen King, so again you can stick to the point of the story.

In a nutshell, a sword is a sword, unless it's a sword in an original novel, and then it needs to be a sword with an intricately described blade or hilt - because those little personal things matter.

People have asked me, 'how do you plot a story'? A question I can now answer, in short, by saying; in utter chaos! Oddly, it works. I basically write what comes to mind in whatever format I feel like at the time. Sometimes I'll write just dialogue, other times I just describe events and a few notable reactions, sometimes I write full on: It depends on my mood and whether I'm in a hurry to get stuff down, or want to concentrate on the details.

As I spend enough time on the laptop, I tend to stick with going through mountains of A4 and enough pens to fill a skip in just a few short months. That way I can avoid the distraction of a screen highlighting all my awful grammar, and other tekki stuff that gets in the way of the fun stuff. As it is I have a box file full of half written scenes and notes, in no particular order, which pretty much covers the whole book. That me officially plotted!

Of course the plotting continues, with some scenes still just in my head, and other scenes with 5 different versions, and the fact the whole things is still developing, there is a way to go, but I have enough to start pulling it all together and now have my first chapter drafted, in full.

'Wot? In all that chaos?'

Once I've finished plotting (or, more like half-plotting) a scene, I just clip the relevant pages of A4 together, all neatly numbered with a scrawled title, and throw it in with the pile of paper in the box file. Then I just leaf through, drag out all the relevant notes per chapter, or scene if there's a lot, then start a first draft to pull it all together.

It works for me because I like giving free reign to my imagination without having to worry about grown up stuff like spelling and organisation, that's for later. As is the discipline needed, around the time of having to write the third or fourth draft, and especially for the umpteenth read-through, when it all starts becoming a bit like white noise...


Are any of you disorganised plotters like me? Or is this style of plotting complete anathema to you, and you like to spend some time getting organised before the plotting begins? Spill your secrets (along with your links to stuff you've recently created) below! :boogie:


Finally, I won a story commission from Gingersanps and basically gave her free reign to create something based on my zombie fic, Guts. She created, Shelter, her first zombie fic! Please clicky the thumbnail below to check it out and leave a comment.


Shelter. By, Gingersanps

ShelterThe sickle swung through the hair with a hiss as the head rolled a few feet away before stopping at a lamp post. She huffed and hissed before running to the shelter. It couldn't have been called a shelter, but the zombies - things - weren't the smartest bunch. The human caravan had taken to calling them zombies; however, they weren't zombies. The disease was spread through bites, but none of them died. They turned instantly; no regard to the type of person. Young or old. She gulped down the sobs threatening to escape; crying wasn't going to help her stay alive. The run down apartment building had been barricaded by rotting planks of wood. The zombies hadn't managed to get through the broken windows, but, then again, they were stupid. Their brain functionality was to attack anything that moved and living.
"Did you find any food?"
"What do you think?" she spat. "The town is crawling with those things. Nobody refuses to go to a new place while this one is falling apart."
She dipped


My original stories.

"Oh, fuck! Look at that one. She looks like the bride of Frankenstein!" Tom chuckled.
"More like the bride of Chucky." Craig added as he watched the Zed ambling down the road below. It slowly walked past the apartment building they were holed up in, a piece of its torn wedding dress trailed along behind it like a white flag on a piece of string. It was just one of hundreds of dead bodies that were currently shambling along the city streets these days.
"What's she got in her hand there? She holding something?"
Craig put his binoculars down on the windowsill and rubbed his eyes. "Probably her bouquet. Guess she never got chance to throw it, poor bitch." He was about to suggest they figure out their next move, when Tom muttered, "What the fuck..?"
"Oh, what
   The Survivor. by Ezri-Krios   Absolute Power."Are you aware, Anin?"
"Do you recognise my voice?"
"Yes. You are Practitioner..."
"Go on."
"Practitioner Sunnis."
"That's right. And why can't you..."
"I know. It's ok, I'm not looking for you, but your voice is my guide."
"Good, Anin. Very good. Where are you? Describe your surroundings, please."
"Ok. I'm... Oh! I'm here in the park, again... Practitioner?"
"Sorry, Anin. I'm here. You recognise your surroundings?"
"Yes. I've been here before... Haven't I?"
"What do you see, Anin?"
"Er, there are... the tall things either side of me..."
"They're trees, Anin."
"Yes! Trees. And seats made out of the same... similar material as the trees. It's difficult to see clearly, as if through a haze or mist..."
"It is fog, Anin. What are you feeling?"
"Chilly... Its... winter. Damn! This is the same place I keep coming back to, isn't it?"
"You have... visited this place before, yes."
"Focus, please, Anin. We have a job to do."
"Sorry. Wait! There's something... moving, up ahead."


Mass Effect shorts.

The Soft Shield. by Ezri-Krios   The WA's. Chapter 1 of 2. by Ezri-Krios   A ChristMass Effect. by Ezri-Krios


Mass Effect novel. Resolution.

Resolution. Ch 1/13 by Ezri-Krios

Synopsis and all 13 chapters @…


Resolution: Alternative ending short.

 Fighting the Good Fight. by Ezri-Krios





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Resolution 2 - Cool Ideas.

:iconmythlover20: - More of Shep's 'problems' from between chapters 6 and 7./The proposal./Wedding./Honeymoon - with the 'sunbathing lizards'.
:iconaytanay: - Garrus' trip to Palavan. His sis. More female turians./Beach party to celebrate recovery. Mordin just can't leave those shells alone./Kahje reunion.
:iconredsteven: - Geth spin-off.
Krogen discover they got gypped. Mordin into hiding./The rachni return! Rachni POV.
:iconcrazyartstalker: - Feron!
:iconmadnessinmayhem: - Jealous love interests./Character conflict./Out of character behaviour.
:iconihateprawns: - A party, a la Citadel DLC, but with Thane and Mordin present.


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Fun Poll! The visual art entries in the Unusual Apocalypse Comp. Please choose your favourite piece. Better still, leave a comment! 

8 deviants said The arockalypse by Savvid
5 deviants said Set Your World On Fire by ashtrails
3 deviants said Jack - The Biotic Slayer by rlchill
3 deviants said Hanar Apocalypse by GrayBeast


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barddoc1992 6 days ago  New member
Ezri, I have a favor to ask. I've written a fanfic based in ME2 and was wondering if you would read it for me. It's the first creative writing I've done since high school (a VERY long time ago), and I would love some feedback before posting it anywhere.
Ezri-Krios 6 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
I'll pm you with my email. :-)
EspionageDB7 Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey there. I'm not sure if you were the one who accepted my story's chapters into SFH. If it was you, I just wanted to thank you and apologize. i know I submitted most of them twice. This was purely unintentional I assure you. It's a result of my spaz-tastic internet connection. I lost my broadband net some months back due to no longer being able to afford it, (hence why no one's really seen me online anymore) and so the only net I have now is tethered from my cell phone. The connection sucks so I don't know why, but it seems to have submitted them twice. So again, I'm sorry for inconveinencing you and/or your group. And if it wasn't you who accepted them, please pass my apologies along :) Thanks for your time :D
Ezri-Krios Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hey you!
It wasn't me, been real busy so Cherry has taken over from me for a while - it was probably Cherry or Savvid. I've forwarded your note to them, thank you. No worries. SFH has a busy gallery so we're used to pointing people in the right direction.
Gutted to hear you lost your broadband, I really hope this will be very temporary. Using a phone must be driving you nuts! I don't suppose I can do much to help, but if there is anything, just holler.
EspionageDB7 Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, well thank you for passing my apology along. 

And yeah... I've sorta been rung through the ringer the past couple of months. Computer busted, lost broadband, financial troubles, a few family crisises (crisisi? crisisis? What the hell is the plural of that word? lol) and I never managed to finish that piece for you that I know i said I was going to. And for that I apologize. But things are getting better for me, don't worry. And YUSS... using phone internet is driving me nuts, and making me long for the days of 56k internet lol. (because this is like less than 28k sometimes.) But at any rate, I appreciate the concern and well wishes :D Don't worry bout me though, i'm resilient :D :hug: 
EZRI! Thanks so very much for the fave! ;A;! :iconsupertighthugplz:
Psychoscissor Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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