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Awesome art inspired by my stories.

:heart: I'm Ezri Krios and this is may favourite art on the Citadel!


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Previous competition entries.

Don't, fuck, with...

Wed Sep 3, 2014, 5:55 PM
... Little me!

I have no idea why I'm channelling, Aria. Maybe because I've been in Purgatory - though, alas, not the night club. But, as a wise fellow Deviant recently said, nothing stays the same forever. N7GVLR, you are correct. Now, if you could just tell me how I tag people in journals, that would be awesome, because I can't bloody remember!?!

To cut it short, a couple of phone calls today saw the Job Centre's decision to stop my money be completely overturned. I have an appointment tomorrow which they think is for the hardship loan they had illegally refused, but which will be so I can ask them a few sticky questions over their handling of my case. They stated I missed 5 jobs I could have applied for, so I'll be asking for details and an explanation as to why they failed to mention them to me and suggesting that it is a dereliction of duty for a job advisor to fail to advise of jobs they spot. I'll be curious to see if they are the jobs I enquired after but were unsuitable due to advertising for someone with a 'full driving licence' only to mean 'full car licence', because the Job Centre won't allow employers to be specific, its 'discrimination'. As a biker I'd much rather not waste my time enquiring after jobs that need car drivers, but I do, often, and obviously don't apply for them because that would be silly. Sigh.

It seems broadband providers have come a long way since I last moved house 9 years ago. Back then it took them nearly 3 weeks to plug me back into the internet overlord. This time around it was barely 24 hours. Its funny, I don't use the net every day and assumed one, or a few, evenings without it wouldn't bother me. Last night, however, I felt all discombobulated at being off the grid. Weird. I was amazed when my router went all green across the board this afternoon, and I tested my connection with an unfair cynicism.

In 24 hours my new landlady has gone from, 'No decorating at all until after the first 6 months', to, 'Just let me know first and I'm sure it will be fine'. Not bad considering my first report was 'the oven doesn't work'. She said she would get a new one but I suggested a pro check it out first in case its something silly like a fuse. She's a first time landlady and clearly want's to get it right, whilst being a bit nervous that I might be one of those tenants who leaves after a few weeks, having not paid any rent and blown the place up, or something. The place may not be entirely to my taste, but it's very clean, nothing is falling apart and my landlady has worked very hard on it, so I won't be touching it for the first 6 months anyway. Not until we have agreed on the longer let we both want. Plus the chances are it will take me that long to unpack!
I was impressed when she admitted, straight away, that the oven was the one thing she didn't check, having bought the house and spent a lot of time making it, and the oven, gleam. Honesty, I like it.

I was escorted by a kind local today. I had no idea which bus stop to get off in order to get home, but a local heard me speak to the driver and said she would show me. She told me a little about the tiny town as we walked a short cut I would never have found. I also found a proper bakery. Not one of these shit chain stores selling mass produced crap. Proper home made food. It's run by a lady who has lived here all her life, as her parents and grandparents did. I left with a ton of cakes, pies, bread, and an interesting education on this town's history. I'll be back for more of the same very soon. I also intend to ask her to consider me for an interview, if ever she finds herself looking for an employee.
This is the kind of town you would expect the presence of a stranger to bring all conversations to an eerie silence, while the locals glared at the suspicious looking interloper. Its actually so warm and friendly, I'm suspiciously waiting for the other boot to drop. No matter, I have cake... well, had cake - so much for saving some for tomorrow...

So, that's me, moved, back on-line and somewhat less stressed than I was 24 hours ago. As Miranda would say, "There's a lot to do, Shepard." but it's starting to feel like I survived the suicide mission. I had a lot of help though, largely from many of you guys and I cannot thank you enough for the good vibes, shared experiences, and funnies, not to mention some rocking music! I'd tag you but I can't remember how. How lame? So, yeah, I still need help...

If you haven't yet seen my journal on the kiriban and writing competition, check it out here -…

You'll find the same link on this poll -…

I think I'll shut up now and use the time I have to browse and catch up on all the lovely art you guys have been creating over the last few months. I may even catch up on a few notes!

You guys rock! :blowkiss:


My original stories.

The Survivor. by Ezri-Krios 

                                     Absolute Power."Are you aware, Anin?"
"Do you recognise my voice?"
"Yes. You are Practitioner..."
"Go on."
"Practitioner Sunnis."
"That's right. And why can't you..."
"I know. It's ok, I'm not looking for you, but your voice is my guide."
"Good, Anin. Very good. Where are you? Describe your surroundings, please."
"Ok. I'm... Oh! I'm here in the park, again... Practitioner?"
"Sorry, Anin. I'm here. You recognise your surroundings?"
"Yes. I've been here before... Haven't I?"
"What do you see, Anin?"
"Er, there are... the tall things either side of me..."
"They're trees, Anin."
"Yes! Trees. And seats made out of the same... similar material as the trees. It's difficult to see clearly, as if through a haze or mist..."
"It is fog, Anin. What are you feeling?"
"Chilly... Its... winter. Damn! This is the same place I keep coming back to, isn't it?"
"You have... visited this place before, yes."
"Focus, please, Anin. We have a job to do."
"Sorry. Wait! There's something... moving, up ahead."
"Oh, fuck! Look at that one. She looks like the bride of Frankenstein!" Tom chuckled.
"More like the bride of Chucky." Craig added as he watched the Zed ambling down the road below. It slowly walked past the apartment building they were holed up in, a piece of its torn wedding dress trailed along behind it like a white flag on a piece of string. It was just one of hundreds of dead bodies that were currently shambling along the city streets these days.
"What's she got in her hand there? She holding something?"
Craig put his binoculars down on the windowsill and rubbed his eyes. "Probably her bouquet. Guess she never got chance to throw it, poor bitch." He was about to suggest they figure out their next move, when Tom muttered, "What the fuck..?"
"Oh, what


Mass Effect shorts.

The Soft Shield. by Ezri-Krios   The WA's. Chapter 1 of 2. by Ezri-Krios   A ChristMass Effect. by Ezri-Krios


Mass Effect novel. Resolution.

Resolution. Ch 1/13 by Ezri-Krios

Synopsis and all 13 chapters @…


Resolution: Alternative ending short.

 Fighting the Good Fight. by Ezri-Krios




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:iconredsteven: - Geth spin-off.
Krogen discover they got gypped. Mordin into hiding./The rachni return! Rachni POV.
:iconcrazyartstalker: - Feron!
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Kiriban and writing Comp -… - Will you be entering? 

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1 deviant said Both!
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